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Call for Papers

The 7th International Communication and Media Studies Conference 

Peace-ing it Together: Reconsidering Communication, Community and the Media in the Anthropocene

4-6 April 2024 in Famagusta, Northern Cyprus 

The Center of Research and Communication for Peace in the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies at Eastern Mediterranean University is pleased to invite submissions addressing the general theme of the 7th International Communication and Media Studies Conference. The conference will take place from April 4th to April 6th, 2024, under the theme “Peace-ing it Together: Reconsidering Communication, Community and the Media in the Anthropocene". The event will be hosted in Famagusta, Northern Cyprus. Our conference aims to bring together a diverse range of scholarly activities, offering a platform for academic scientists, early-stage researchers, and graduate students to exchange experiences and present research findings across various aspects of communication. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity for researchers to present and discuss recent innovations, emerging trends, and challenges encountered, and solutions developed within the field of Communication and Media Studies. We welcome research papers in both English and Turkish, covering a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:  


  • Anthropocentrism: Nonhuman Animals and the Media
    • Animals, images and anthropocentrism
    • Anthropomorphised nonhuman animals in filmic text
  • Global Peace and Conflict 
  • Peace Journalism 
    • Cyprus Media and Future Media Professionals
    • Post-truth
    • Fake news/validating news? 
    • Crisis, disaster and media
    • Social media literacy
  • Gender and Peace
    • Peace and visibility of LGBTI+ People 
    • Women as peacebuilders 
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
    • Non-violent activism
    • Civil disobedience

  • Peace for Environmental Crisis-Global Warming-Climate Change 
    • Youth and children’s activism
    • Island dynamics
    • Racial and Ethnic Studies from Peace Perspective
    • Crisis and Disaster Communication and Management and Communication Disaster(s)
    • Peace Through Art 
      • Collective Cinema Experience and Audience
      • Cinema, Film and Audiences
    • PR and Peace Building  
      • Crisis communication
      • Strategic communication and peace
    • Social Justice and Digital Divide
    • Human Mobilities, Migration and Displacement    
      • Social movements and activism
    •  Peace in Education, Education in Peace
    •  Other issues

    Türkçe sunuşlar için: 
    Paper presentation [15 + 5 mins] 

    The proposal should indicate the purpose of the study and its relevance to the theme of the conference. It can describe completed research or research in progress. For completed research, the methodology including the data collection and analysis procedures and the findings should be provided. For research in progress, steps related to the data collection and analysis processes should be described. For either submission, the proposal should include actual or anticipated results and their implications for future practices or further research.

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