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The Center of Research and Communication for Peace (CRCP) encourages research, scholarship, and other media production with the goal of leading to professional and scholarly multi-communal and multi-disciplinary cooperation in media and communication, working papers, conferences, innovative curricular and syllabus construction, and scholarly publications in areas of peace communication, democratic communication, and the non-violent resolution of conflict.

CRCP draws from and contributes to a historical body of research and scholarship in peace studies, conflict resolution, cultural studies, communication studies, media studies as well as an accumulated experience and wisdom of peace initiatives in Cyprus and around the world. Beginning with the understanding that communication is an essential and fundamental human right that is fought over and for daily, the CRCP is concerned with all forms of communication including marginalized and unrecognized forms of communication as well as the use of electronic, print, and newly emerging forms of media, as they shape and are shaped by political, social, economic, and cultural forces that are always active in human relations. One major goal of the CRCP is the production of a body of research and scholarly publications that contribute to our understanding of the potential role of the media in the resolution of conflict and the promotion of peace.


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Center of Research and Communication for Peace