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Aims of CRCP

  1. Initiate and submit research and projects that will focus on the role of the media in promoting peace between and within communities in the region.
  2. Provide an environment that brings academics, media professionals, community activists, policymakers, politicians, and communication students together through panel discussions, co-research, conferences, workshops and training, to increase awareness of peace journalism and its goals.
  3. Promote peace-oriented education in journalism by developing peace journalism courses and programs through a revision of current journalism courses in line with the theory and practices of peace journalism.
  4. Have exchange programs for students and academicians with those from other universities that also incorporate peace communication programs and/or have peace communication centers.
  5. Collaborate with media industries, institutions, and associations in general as well as with universities, colleges, research centers, conflict resolution and reconciliation groups in North and South Cyprus, the region and in Europe.
  6. Monitor the media across Cyprus from peace communication perspectives.
  7. Establish a website that will include an online academic journal dedicated to peace communication.
  8. Establish an MA program in Peace Communication for media workers and communication graduates.
  9. Develop materials for both undergraduate and graduate courses for trainings in peace communication and encourage publications in the field.
  10. Prepare a "Peace Communication Award" and develop the criteria to be used to select and honor media workers annually on May 3rd, Press Freedom Day.
  11. Collaborate with the media to promote peace-oriented media productions.
  12. Encourage and supervise the production of programming in electronic media at EMU's radio and television stations, and in print at EMU'S newspaper that promote peaceful communication within media outlets.

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